Our Approach


Is our proprietary 3 step system:

Our first step is to ASSESS which we do by:

1.   Having you fill out assessments forms identifying stressors, organ and physiology dysfunction and symptoms

2.   Completing an in depth case history

3.   Doing physical exams and muscle testing.

Our Fourth step is RESTORE which is the process that we help to take back your life.  It is divided into 3 phases.

Phase 1 (Upregulating the cells of the body):

In this phase, we open up the detoxification pathways of the colon, liver, kidneys and lymph. We also address digestive and gut health removing hidden infections which create many of the reactions clients are having and by healing the intestinal lining.

Phase 2 (Body Detox)

In this phase, we start removing toxins at the cellular level and by setting up a concentration gradient to remove toxins at a deeper level.

Phase 3 (Brain Detox)

In this phase, we clear deeper accumulated neurotoxins that lead to most symptoms.

Are We All Toxic?

It's been estimated that 80,000 new chemicals are produced each year.  Our bodies were not designed to deal with this onslaught of man-made chemicals.  Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Dementia, Parkinson, etc...are coming at alarming rate.  Cases of ADD, ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, and Autism are being diagnosed with inexcusable frequency.  So, has man devolved into a disease-ridden creature or have changes occurred, in our environments and the quality of our foods and health care that has created these conditions?  Well, if you said, "Changes in our environment, food and health care," you and the scientific community are in agreement!

Of course, no one really want to be sick or have disease.  This goes without saying.

Yes, we are constantly bombarded by toxins, and the only way to get well is through an effective multi-system detoxification program.

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