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We have created The Di Blasi Detox from all the years of research and study with experts.  We had to find a way to completely detoxify the body because there was nothing else working.  Dr. Jim Di Blasi's mission, since he was about 13 years old, has been to help the sick get well.


We go after the cause of your health condition and correct it.  We do not just put a band-aid on it so you don’t see or feel it.  You also have to be healthy enough to detoxify and if you’re not, we’ll work on building you up, first.  You have had these toxins, in your body, most of your life and they have been carving away at your health.


The Di Blasi Detox Utilizes: 

  • A complete and customized detoxification plan tailored to your specific health needs and optimum results for your body.
  • Training modules to educate you on each step of the detoxification process so you can maximize your results.
  • Customized nutritional supplementation recommendations individualized for you.
  • Nutritional consultations to check in on your progress and make any necessary changes.
  • Email and call support by Dr. Di Blasi and/or his trained team to address any needs or questions.
  • Detoxification therapies for your specific bodies needs

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