The Difference Between Cleansing & Detoxification

A cleanse is like cleaning a quick sweep down the hallways of your home.

Detoxification, on the other hand, is more like a thorough spring cleaning.  Each and every space gets a complete cleaning, with each room of the house, the hallways, ceiling, crawl space, closets, etc…, all being addressed.   The end results are very different.

We must detoxify every cell of your body to achieve true, full body, detoxification.   

Many health practitioners, health food and grocery stores sell Candida Cleanses, Liver Cleanses, GI Cleanses, Kidney Cleanses, etc., that may take a few days or maybe a week or so. These have been shown to only clean the pathways.

In The Di Blasi Detox, we are trying to detoxify trillions of your cells. 

Think about the years you’ve spent in this toxic world.  Detoxifying from years of built-up toxicity and stopping the inflow of toxins takes time and effort in order to get your body into a healthy state. 

After trying many known methods, I’ve discovered the best way is to greatly reduce the intake of toxicity, eliminate toxins from your body and help your body heal.  That is why The Di Blasi Detox works so well.

Remember, you have trillions of cells in your body and to achieve this goal, you must do a whole body detoxification and we hope, continue on a healthy path.

Are You in Toxic Overload?

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