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What Makes Us Different?

Getting to the ROOT Cause of Illness

We do not treat disease.  We treat people with conditions they don't want.

As toxins rapidly accumulate in the present day environment, many are facing health challenges that are inexplicable and debilitating. They go from doctor to doctor searching for answers, only to be handed a prescription for medication, or told nothing is amiss. What is going wrong?

Having faced health conditions in my own family, I realized the only way out of the maze of new millennium diseases is step outside the box and get to the ROOT cause of disease.  People must recognize what is going wrong at the cellular level and become educated on cellular failure to achieve healing, because if the cell isn’t fixed, a person will not get well.

We begin by determining which toxic sources are causing body-wide damage and removing them as soon as possible. If the sources of toxicity are not removed, there will never be a lasting solution to a health challenge.

Conditions such as chronic pain, chronic fatigue, and weight-loss resistance have all been linked to bio-toxins  and the true cause often goes undiagnosed for years. The bottom line: the body cannot heal until the source of illness is removed.

Once external toxins have been eliminated, internal toxins that have accumulated over time must be removed as well. Most cleanses that are being offered, however, fail to remove toxins at the cellular level.

I've learned the importance of regenerating the cellular membrane through helping many of our clients. The membrane holds the intelligence of the cell and plays a major role in detox, turning genes on and off, regulating hormones, and is truly where healing begins. The membrane acts as the inroads to a city that lets in what is needed for the city to function and survive.  In healthy individuals, the supple lipid bi-layer of the membrane allows nutrients to flow inside easily, and toxins and free radicals to leave unimpeded. If inflamed nothing can come in and out, so the cell becomes a toxic wasteland and illness results. 

Another area is cellular energy which effects how a person feels; and dealing with many who are chronically fatigued, restoring cellular energy was initially the most vital task. Cellular energy is the gasoline of the cell, and nothing runs or functions without it. As nutrients flow into the cell, they feed the powerhouse called mitochondria, which produce ATP (energy). Without adequate production of ATP, cells are unable to detoxify or regenerate properly. Individuals lacking ATP have become an epidemic in America and suffer from symptoms like fatigue, brain fog, digestive problems and hormone conditions. Many clients come to me feeling stuck and puzzled by the lack of results from following a healthy diet, exercising, and “doing everything right.” However, once cellular energy is restored, clients frequently observe a noticeable shift in their health, and other efforts to get well begin to take effect. Without raising ATP in the cell, symptoms or conditions will not be impacted, and other attempts to heal will be rendered useless. Raising ATP is a crucial first step with many of our clients, especially those who are chronically ill.

Cellular inflammation has been shown to be the root cause driving the epidemic of chronic diseases and hormone conditions rampant today. Inflammation affects the way cells communicate, detox, and express good or bad genes, which can lead to diseases of genetic weakness, such as MCS, (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities).

Common sources of cellular inflammation include dietary sugar and grains (even whole grains), bad fats (especially vegetable oils), toxins from mercury fillings, and home and body products. Living in a toxic world, it’s no wonder so many are sick, but few recognize inflammation lies at its source. Understanding how inflammation affects the cell and the way to down-regulate it is essential to heal.

Unfortunately, most health practitioners are not keeping up with the exciting new research in the area of inflammation, detox or gene expression, which would dramatically change their clients’ results. To decrease inflammation, sources of toxicity need to be removed and blood sugar must be controlled.

Another component is re-establishing methylation. Methylation is a biochemical process that affects many essential body functions including DNA repair, detoxification, fighting infections, removing environmental toxins  and more. The body needs methylation to turn stress hormones on and off, and when unable to methylate, the body remains in a state of constant stress. Methylation can also turn good genes on and bad genes off, thus regulating whether a disease of genetic weakness is expressed.

We use various tests to establish cellular inflammation, (one which is 50 times more accurate than any blood test).  We also test for neurotoxicity and adrenal function.  Helping your body heal is our job.  It may seem confusing, but it's the only way to get the journey of repair on the right path for true results.

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