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Theresa Shively

Very simply. Four generations of my family have been and continue to be treated by Dr. JIM. From my 95 YEAR OLD mother to my 3 week old grandson. Amazing, caring, knowledgeable person who centers on healing and wellness. Not interested in personal gain but helping people achieve well being. 22 years of correct calls. My doctor, my friend my family. Give him a try you will not be disappointed. I promise.

Patricia Zerman

Like so many others, I do not know where I would be without Dr. Jim. Not only does his extensive knowledge seem limitless, his attentiveness to whatever issue you might have fosters healing, relief and peace of mind.I feel safe, cared for and in the hands of a very qualified, professional and experienced doctor who truly has been blessed with a magnificent gift of transformation for his clients.In addition, his prices are fair and reasonable. I strongly encourage you to reach out if you want physical freedom. I know I feel blessed that a friend of mine inspired me (because of her success working with him) to get to schedule a visit. I am grateful and healthier through the vision and wisdom of this incredible man!

Michelle Eason

When I first met Dr. Jim, I had thyroid and digestion issues. Even though I had visited other doctors regarding my health issues, no one had a natural solution for me. After being a patient of Dr. Jim’s for over a year now, my health is the best it has been in several years. I have more energy and a clearer mind, I sleep a solid 8 hours at night and my digestion issues have improved 100%. Dr. Jim and his staff are experienced, innovative and professional. I’m grateful that I am healthy and happy, and I owe my transformation to Acworth Wellness Center.

MaryBeth Dockery

My husband and I have been patients at Acworth Wellness Center for many years. Dr. Jim, Sonya, and Amber are absolutely wonderful. They make you feel welcome and cared about. The various treatments we’ve received from Dr. Jim have greatly benefited our health. We enjoy our appointments and learn something valuable about wellness every time.

Jessica Barron

My family is so thankful for Dr. Jim. My daughter is 7 years old with special needs. She has always had stomach and sleep issues. We have been from doctor to doctor and nobody could help us. Since we have been seeing Dr. Jim for about 6 months, he has changed our life. In seven years, my family has not slept a full 8 hour night. However, since we have been seeing Dr. Jim, my daughter has been sleeping 8 to 10 hours a night!! Her teachers are amazed how well she is doing in school. After Dr. Jim tested her, he found out she had parasites. In which, I was shocked because her “Medical Doctor” has tested her over and over and nothing ever showed up. It’s amazing what all Dr. Jim has found and how much he has helped her. I would recommend Dr. Jim to anyone especially to anyone that has a child, family member or friend that is special needs. Again, it’s AMAZING how much he has helped our family. THANK YOU DR. JIM for everything!!

Angela Church

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Jim’s and his staff for many years now and they never cease to amaze me. I really appreciate their holistic approach to healing. I’ve been cured of many allergies which had plagued me my entire life!! Love the cold laser treatments too. Anytime I feel a cold or sinus issues coming on, the cold laser knocks it right out. Most recently, I tried their Light Lipo treatment. In just 20 minutes, I lost 6 inches from my waist, hips and thighs…AMAZING!! Can’t wait for my next treatment!!

Jeffrey Michaud

Have been taking my student athlete kids to Dr. Jim for many years. Always helps them with should and back pain as the repetitive motions cause misalignment. Their recovery time would be twice as long without Dr. Jim’s help. I highly recommend his services.

Anastasia Crunk

I have been with Acworth Wellness for a little over a year and have seen a lot of improvements in my health! All of my thyroid results are normal and I feel great. I enjoy their classes to learn more about living a healthy lifestyle and to educate myself. They also cook for us and bring us treats! Anyways, I really love it here and it has changed my life. I would just recommend to at least call the office and talk or sign up for a free seminar to learn more.

Edie Smith

What a breath of fresh air to find a wellness center that approaches healing from the perspective of identifying and removing the toxins in your system that are creating the dis-ease in your body rather than simply handing out prescriptions that will only add to the toxicity. I have known Dr. Jim for over 5 yrs. now and totally trust his opinion regarding my health. I recently decided to do a deep cleanse under his care (with the assistance of his wonderful staff) and have never felt better. Thanks for all your loving support guys!! 🙂

Shawn Di Blasi

I’ve been getting care from Dr. Jim since I was born. Thanks to that fact, I’ve found myself in much better health than most people I know. I almost never get sick and when I do, it only lasts a couple of days versus the 7 or more my friends suffer through.A lot of the patients like to share their “miracles” while sitting in the waiting room, and I’ve heard a bunch over the years.They really care about what they do there and I’ve never heard of a patient being turned away because “money got tight.” They care about the patients, not the money.

Brenda Johnson

I started going to The Wellness Center about a year ago. I had lower back pain and neck pain that would keep me from living a normal life! The adjustments that Dr. Jim has been giving me have improved my body so much. I never have the neck pain any more and my back feels great now too. He also has helped me concerning my sinus headaches and digestive issues by showing me natural remedies. He is so knowledgeable about foods and medicines and how they affect us and has given me excellent advice that is working and I am thrilled! It’s a friendly office and very non-pressure with all they have to offer…they recommend treatments and then it’s up to you from there.

Angela Alexander

I have been going to Dr.Jim since August 2014 and he is truly a answer to my prayers. I have a goiter but didn’t want surgery because I knew it could be reversed. Ever since I have been seeing Dr.Jim ,I truly feel like my old self. God has truly equipped Dr.Jim to help people get back to healthy….I love him, Sonya and Amber they are a blessing to anyone that they come in contact with and I am Thankful for them. If you are tired of feeling the way you are feeling one decision of giving Dr.Jim a try can and will change your life…I know first hand because he is a doctor that listens and get to the root of your issues!!!

kyle thornton

We absolutely love Dr. Jim and Acworth Wellness Center. Our son sees Dr. Jim for allergy elimination treatments as well as chiropractic adjustments. Although we have not had him “diagnosed” with autism or ADHD, he shows spikes here and there that might put him on the spectrum. Instead of labeling him and/or putting him on meds, we have chosen to treat him naturally. Dr. Jim is always available to answer questions about new remedies I find and will even test our son for them before we actually start giving them to him. We have seen a huge difference in his behavior and overall wellness.I also see Dr. Jim for chiropractic adjustments as well after going through several cardiac tests from having pain in my chest … it turned out that I had a rib out and all I needed was an adjustment. I have also had allergy elimination treatments and have had great results.We highly recommend Acworth Wellness Center!!

April Edmonds

I was recommended by one of my dearest friends to Dr. Jim. I originally started going to him for chiropractic work. After several visits, I spoke to him about coming off of my meds (that I have been on for years) He then started me on this amazing journey to making my body healthier and happier! It’s been a long road but with the help of Dr. Jim, Sonya and Amber, I am beyond blessed and grateful that I made it to Acworth Wellstar Center!

Summer Moon Garden

We have been seeing Dr. Jim for about six months now. He has helped our family with every allergy and ailment under the sun. He has eradicated allergies for our entire family including: dairy, sugar, soy, wheat, pollen, insects, honeysuckle, grass, weeds, and many other allergens. I have also lost 20 lbs. with their ClubReduce weight loss program. Anytime the children are sick with a virus or bacterial infection, we go in for cold laser therapy and they are much better within the next 24-48 hours. He is an amazing doctor. We have changed our entire lifestyle thanks to Dr. Jim, Sonya, and Amber. They gave us the knowledge and the tools to do so, and we are forever grateful!


My whole family just loves Dr. Jim and the staff at the Acworth Wellness Center. Our health has improved immensely while under his care. We cannot say enough about this practice. We love being patients of theirs and highly recommend them to others.


I came to see Dr. Jim for the first time about 6 years ago. I did not know it at the time, but many years of constant unresolved stress had taken a serious toll on my body in general. I had been suffering with random food allergies and was only able to eat a few things without a reaction.One doctor suggested I take Zoloft or Prozac to band-aid the symptoms, but I didn’t. Another doctor, an allergist, determined I had no allergies. I finally decided to try alternative health care. I tried one of the “big box” alternative medicine facilities, but thousands of dollars later my problems were significantly compounded.A friend of a friend with a similar story that suggested I find a doctor with a cold laser and skills in allergy clearings. I was game for anything and desperate to be able to eat again. Then I found Dr. Jim. We began slowly with clearings of my allergies. The clearings worked fast for me! He also suggested a few supplements. While this seems to be a quick fix…it actually took years. My body was such a mess. I now wear a size zero which I haven’t worn since high school and I have tons of energy! I have learned SO much and I have chosen to adopt a steadfast eating clean lifestyle. I doubt I will ever eat fast food again. Kind of makes me gag just thinking about it!In addition to these skills, Dr. Jim has also treated some of my other illnesses. Since beginning with him I have not needed to be on an antibiotic or taken any over the counter medications for anything in 6 years.A Sincere Thank You!

Judi Ross

December 2016, I was trying to find a new way home on unfamiliar Cedarcrest due to traffic congestion on 41 South when signage caught my attention announcing a ‘thyroid seminar’. I was a 69 year old female who was diagnosed and medicated for Hashimoto’s Disease/Hypothyroidism at the age of 64. The medications were of no help and possibly had side effects that were buried within the side effects of the disease. The medical doctor had no empathy and had done his job by every 90 days testing my blood to confirm I was within the ‘normal range’. How I felt mattered not. I cried with the thought of having to see him again. I began to see Doc Jim at AWC in January 2017. As the year progressed I felt better and better. With all confidence I have detoxed my body, kicked my prescription meds to the curb and am now focusing on shedding my many packed on pounds due to the thyroid dysfunction. It takes a leap of faith, a large dose of Desire, and the knowledge and caring of folks who are on your side. I have much more traveling to do to arrive at my healthy goal, but I am confident I will arrive with the help of Doc Jim, Sonja, and Amber at AWC. You owe it to yourself….attend one of their free seminars, you’ll be a believer!!!

Caterina O’Sullivan

My neighbor recommended Dr. Jim and I’m so glad I listened. I’ve been hurting for almost 2 weeks and was loosing my mobility. I went as a walk in, he took me right away, and I felt better immediately. By the evening I had all my mobility back.

Lane D.

I have been taking the products that were recommended by Dr Jim, for less than a week. For most of my life I have had problems with insomnia and needing 10 or more hours of sleep per night. For the last two days, I noticed something peculiar. I was falling asleep at a normal time at night, and waking up at a normal time in the morning. I have energy, and I feel better than I have in years. I don’t know what’s in the stuff, but it sure works!

Stephanie Knight

Dr Deblasi is amazing ! He has helped me with my food sensitivities so much !